Looking for some bland clip art?

Keep looking, it’s not here. We don’t make it.

Truth be told, we’re very opinionated when it comes to design. We need it to look as good as it possibly can, and then a little more. That’s because we really, really, super dooper love amazing design and illustration. If it blows raptor chunks, we start feeling like soggy cereal.

So if something is spelled wrong, or you think it needs MORE DROP SHADOW, we might have something to say about it. We think it should be truly great.

It’s because we’ve been in the design business for, like… ever. As in FOREVER. At least 20 years, which our kids think is an eternity. Maybe it is. As long as we’re name-dropping here (weren’t we?), we’ve created design for some fairly muckity-muck outfits like Nickelodeon, MTV, and Wired. Not to mention doing it in London, New York, Chicago, Dubai, Los Angeles, and several cities that have only one airport.

Give us a call, let’s make something insanely cool together.

You’d like to see some design samples first. Here you go.

(818) 835-2585 Woodland Hills, California | sparky@sparkyfirepants.com

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