Do You Believe in T-shirt Reincarnation?

ragJenni and I are advanced-level black belt recycled waste hoarders. We’re the freaks who save every empty toilet paper roll because, well… crafts. We have at least a case worth of empty bourbon and tequila bottles, just begging to be turned into pretty lights.

It naturally follows that when we’re printing, we tend to save a lot of waste. Empty tape rolls go to our youngest boy, who goes nuts over a good chunk of cardboard. The freak doesn’t fall far from the tree.

The thing I like most about screen printing is that it’s a craft. It’s not even just the act of printing itself, it’s the runoff from printing, the waste that becomes a challenge as to how we’ll make use of it.

The rag in the photo is an old undershirt of mine that I use to clean ink from screens. Once it’s all filled up with ink, I’ll cure it (dry the ink) and then hand it over to my crafty compatriot for repurposing. Or maybe I’ll do a little something myself. It’s all good, because the old, yellowed undershirt gets reincarnated.

Right now we’re gearing up for this weekend’s WorldFest event. One of our goals for the event is to show people how ordinary t-shirts can be repurposed into wearable art. Jenni has been madly making some fantastic skirts from our test-print shirts. We’ve also been making our signature t-shirt wristlets, which we’ll be giving away at the festival.

If you’re reading this and you won’t be able to join us in Woodley Park this year, don’t be sad. We created a board on Pinterest devoted to all types of t-shirt crafts. Check it out here, we’re slightly obsessed.

Join us at WorldFest or hang out on our Pinterest page, or both. Share your own t-shirt or other recycled (upcycled?) craftiness with us here (comments), on twitter, or instagram.

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