A duck walks into a bar…

©2012 Sparky Firepants Images®A duck walks into a bar, approaches the counter and orders a sandwich. He says to the bartender, “Listen, I’m a bricklayer on the construction site nearby. The work will last for some time and I’ll be coming here every day around lunchtime for a sandwich. How about a discount?”

The bartender, shocked as he has never encountered a talking duck before, agrees to give the duck a small discount for his daily sandwiches.

The duck takes his sandwich, pays, thanks the bartender and goes out.

The bartender immediately calls his friend who owns a circus:

“Listen, there’s a talking duck coming to my bar. Come tomorrow around lunchtime, you gotta see this for yourself!”‘

So the next day the circus owner waits in the bar. Sure enough, the duck goes in, jumps on the barstool and orders a sandwich.

The circus manager overcomes his awe and says:

“Hello sir, I’m a circus owner and I want to offer you a job. I can give you whatever money you want, plus a company car, a cell phone, best hotels. Really,  whatever you want!”

The duck considers his offer for a moment and says:

“So you’re a circus owner, right?”

©2012 Sparky Firepants Images®“Right.”

“And your circus is one of those big tents, right?”


“With a sandy arena in the middle?”


“And with rows of seats around?”

“Of course.”

“So what the heck do you need a bricklayer for?”

My dad sent me this joke last week. I just couldn’t resist illustrating the duck.

7 Responses to A duck walks into a bar…

  1. Dick Carlson says:

    Is it possible that you’re licking those markers that you use, while you’re trying to come up with ideas? Are they toxic in any way? Might be time for some blood tests.

  2. Bill Bobbings says:

    Best story I’ve heard all year! But I don’t get it. Why DOES the circus owner need a bricklayer?

  3. Sarah says:

    Ok, that, along with the after dinner don’t-kill-the-kids-martini I’m enjoying, is JUST what I needed this evening. Thank you sir!

  4. Dan says:

    Haha, I laughed. I was waiting for the duck to be offended about being in a circus, didn’t see it going there at all.

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