What kind of printing do you do?
We mainly do silk screening (or “screen printing”). It’s a process where we push ink onto the fabric through a stencil on a mesh screen. We print each item by hand. Watch our videos here.

Typically a silk screened design will last the life of the shirt (sometimes longer). The inks tend to be bright, unless we’re doing a vintage look.

Can you use other methods?
Sure thing. We also decorate items using a heat press vinyl method, usually best for putting numbers on sports jerseys. We’ll heat press short runs because sometimes the cost is prohibitive to screen print only a few shirts. The vinyl has a plastic-like feel to it. It still bends with the shirt (not stiff), but it doesn’t soften in washing like our inks do.

The advantage with heat press is that we can print a multicolor or photographic design on an inkjet transfer at a lower cost than a screen print. See a sample here.

Is there a minimum order?
We don’t require a minimum order to print for you. However, in screen printing, higher volume means increased production efficiency. That means your per-piece price will be much lower when you place a larger order.

Can I give you my own t-shirts to print on?
Of course! We will also print on your hats, hoodies, uniforms, skirts, sweats, even tea towels. They must be clean and in good condition prior to us receiving them (new is best). There may also be special requirements for certain materials, such as spandex, polyester or blended fabrics. If you’re not sure about your items, just ask!

What is your turnaround time?
More importantly, when do you need it? We like to know your deadline up front and we do our best to accommodate you. Our typical turnaround time from deposit to delivery is 7-10 business days. Even if you have more time, it’s best to order as early as possible. If one of our product vendors is slow, it could delay your order.

Can you RUSH my order?
Yes, for an extra fee. We are still under the time constraint of obtaining your specific apparel items to print, so please keep that in mind.

Can you match the colors in my logo?
Sure thing. Just give us your Pantone digits and we’ll get the inks needed specifically for your order. Keep in mind that even when we mix inks to match our Pantone book, the printed color will vary depending on fabric feel and color density. We get as close as we can.

Can you print a sample so I can see how my t-shirts will look?
We can print one-off samples for you. Samples start at $125, which is a deposit applied to your final order total (unless the design is changed).

Do you keep my screens and artwork in case I need to order more later?
We keep your artwork and films on file for later use at no extra charge. Typically we reuse the screens after an order is complete. Otherwise we would eventually appear on an episode of Hoarders. However, if you think you’ll be ordering the same design on a regular basis, we’ll save it (or give it to you) for a one-time $25 stocking fee. This will also reduce the cost of your future orders.

I don’t have any artwork. Can you whip something up for me?
We’re happy to create a design for you. Our design rate is $75/hour.

I have my own artwork. What should I give you?
See our artwork guidelines.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards via PayPal. On your first order, we require a 50% deposit and COD for the balance.

Where can I find you? I want to visit your shop.
Currently we are searching for a retail location, and when we have it we’d love for you to stop by. Our print shop is located in Woodland Hills, and we are happy to meet you at your place of business within L.A. or Ventura Counties. We offer free delivery within those counties, too. For safety reasons, we do not visit or deliver to residences.

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