Free music, free shirts. Summer could be really good for you.

Sparky and Al McKay of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Sparky and Al McKay of Earth, Wind & Fire.

This past Sunday we kicked off our participation in the Valley Cultural Center’s Concerts on the Green in Woodland Hills. It’s a funtastic series of free concerts every Sunday from June 2 – August 25. We’re all tingly about it because not only is it our primo retail location for the summer, we get to see some live music.

This past Sunday was the music of Earth, Wind & Fire lead by their founder, Al McKay. I grew up with these dudes, having listened to their funky funkadelic funktasms since birth. After the show on Sunday, I got to tell Al McKay that “September” is my official song (born on the 21st of September). Righteous. How often does that happen?

If you’re in Southern California, we informally invite you (because we don’t do formal anything) to come see us every Sunday. Or one Sunday. Whatever works. Come on out and dig some free music. Say hi.

By the way, we are also having a Summer T-shirt Giveaway. There are several ways to enter, one of which is at the shows. If you want to win a free Sparky Firepants t-shirt (and why wouldn’t you), check out the many ways to enter right here:


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