How come everyone knows what they’re doing but you?

I’m writing to you from San Francisco, the Paris of the West. First, I’m just happy to be in California. Second, I’m fortunate to be spending time in this city again. It’s got the bustling, busy quality of NYC but it’s somehow fresher, like pineapple on your pizza.

A friend posted a graphic that I caught in my Facebook stream the other day. It said:

“Keep calm. Nobody else knows what they’re doing, either.”

I’m constantly reminded of this as I work with people in all aspects of our business. There’s a tendency to think that someone else must have all the answers. Sometimes they can even appear to have some kind of guidebook tattooed on their cerebral cortex. In truth, no one does.

Does that help you? It helps me.

I think the key to constantly improving lies in admitting it (even to yourself) when you don’t have the answers, then finding them. This never ends, and that’s good. I can’t imagine a stagnant life.

Birthday in the House

Thursday, June 21st is a super huge special big day. It’s Jenni’s birthday! I won’t say how old she is turning. Not because she’s embarrassed by age, but because you won’t believe it if I did tell you and then you would become depressed. 

Jenni is a super dynamo of a mommy, a knitter, a spinner, a baker of fantastic deliciousness, a photographer, and simply one of the best people to be around. She is smiles, warmth, and a radiant beauty.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

2 Responses to How come everyone knows what they’re doing but you?

  1. Stephanie Schupbach says:

    Happy Birthday Jenni! You are a beautiful woman and a wonderful person. I am proud to say you are my sister-in-law! I know Joe is proud you are his sister…even if you will never hear him say it- LOL! Have a great day…love you!

  2. jenni Billings says:

    thanks baby!! You have always helped me to be my best me. I love you

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