How do we connect with thee? Let us count the ways…

A few good iPhone apps.

A few good iPhone apps.

I’m not a big phone talker. Never have been. In high school I was somewhat notorious for getting off the phone in a hurry. Nothing personal, it’s just the way my brain works.

Enter social media and smartphones. I’m in heaven.

I can text all day long and tweet even longer. It’s the way my brain works.

If your brain works this way, too, you can connect with me (us) in a plethora of amazing ways.

Here are our current faves:

Facebook Fan Page

Just like the page and you’ll see plenty of odd and interesting posts in your feed. Of course, you also can post things to our wall if that’s your thing. We’re usually around, come say hi.


…or just add @sparkyfirepants if you’re already in the app on your device. You’ll find plenty of weirdness in there. And we love to see what you’re up to. There’s so much amazing stuff to see and people sharing it. It’s visual Candyland. Um… beware of my big toe. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Twitter @sparkyfirepants

The gloves come off here. But in a good way. We would love to see you there (Jenni is @littletomato), but please, please, please interact with us. Say hi, tell us what’s up with you, share something. It drives us kinda nuts with some companies we follow on social media. For them it’s all about the broadcast. Ugh. We think that’s dull and useless. We’d much rather have a chat or share some photos or links or something cool. Join us!

Kik @sparkyfirepants

This is a chat app. So yeah, it’s even more personal than more public social media sites. That’s not only cool with us, it’s encouraged. Go ahead, add us and chat away.

Snapchat sparkyfirepants

See above. Even more personal – and totally geared to the weird and crazy (like us). If you’re not familiar with Snapchat, it’s a photo & video sharing app. The best part is that it’s totally secure. Why? Because the images disappear seconds after they’re viewed. They’re not saved anywhere. So even if your account gets hacked or your phone gets stolen, nobody will ever see your snapchats. We think it’s genius. Here’s how to do it: Snapchat how-to

I think that’s enough for now. In the future, if you find a super cool social media app, please share it with us! We’ll probably love it, too. Then just look for us as sparkyfirepants. Yes?

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