Inside the print shop: a tiny photo tour

I just got back after a long trip overseas. I took a look around the print shop, where all our equipment was impatiently waiting for me. The squeegees were calling out, “Pick me! Pick me!”

Muffled t-shirt voices rumbled up from boxes of clean, blank apparel. Screens rattled and shook on the floor.

Welcome back, Sparky. Time to get printing.

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3 Responses to Inside the print shop: a tiny photo tour

  1. Sue Allemand says:

    Awesome David! I just had ink on my hands today! I bought some waterbased inks – hoping to switch from plastisol soon! 🙂

    • Let me know how it goes. Water-based inks are definitely harder to print with, although they have a very soft feel on the shirt.

      Especially in the dry So. California climate, water-based inks tend to dry in the screen very quickly. We use a lot of screen opener and keep it flooded as much as possible. Whew!

      • Sue Allemand says:

        I’m in Wisconsin right now – so hopefully I won’t have the drying fast problem… but I’m getting kinda tired of plastisol getting EV-ER-Y-WHERE! haha And so hard to clean squeegees and screens of every single speck! So we’ll see how it goes… the shirts I’m using are kinda expensive to ruin with one stray speck of plastisol (thank goodness I haven’t ruined that many YET)! Although, I DID make some pretty awesome printed pillows for the store out of the couple that DID get the ax! Have fun David!

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