Juggling chainsaws and children

worldfest setup

Setting up at WorldFest 2013

Have you ever tried to juggle? If you have, you probably noticed that it’s not a skill you pick up quickly. Some of us take years to get it down because we don’t juggle very often.

One of the things you notice when you start juggling is that if you stop paying attention for more than a second, it all goes right to hell. Let your mind wander and… splat! Balls down. Or chainsaws down. Whatever, although I highly recommend learning with the balls.

Life running our screen printing business and family isn’t kind of like juggling, it’s exactly juggling. Pile on the dog, the cat, the car that needs repair (again), the usual grocery shopping, laundry, birthday planning, and two kids in a local production of Grease, and you are very quickly juggling chainsaws. Did I mention that we also homeschool?

Even if you don’t homeschool, if you have kids, you know. Am I right?

Bourbon helps. If you don’t drink, try Calm. I use both.

Last week we were super focused on WorldFest. Which went swimmingly, by the way. We got a such a great response from our customers there and afterwards that we stopped looking at the balls (chainsaws) for a week. Oops. We had a few surprises get thrown at us.

It’s all good. We have our health! But it’s been a challenging few days for us as we start thinking about the Concerts on the Green this summer. We’ll have a t-shirt booth there every Sunday for 13 weeks this summer. It’s gonna be awesome, yes. We have a lot to do, for sure.

Oh! I need to remember to get gas for the chainsaws.

If you’re in the LA area, check out the free summer concerts here in Woodland Hills. My personal favorites Lee Rocker and Robby Krieger will be there. Come say hi!

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