It’s pretty cool to be serving a very diverse group of customers across the U.S.A. Here are some samples of t-shirts we’ve printed. Every project is different, so if you don’t see something exactly like your project, just tell us what you need and we’ll help you out!

White ink on black t-shirt

In screen printing, achieving a bright, opaque white on a dark shirt takes a lot of skill. It also take knowledge of the right inks and fabrics that play nicely together.

In this sample, we printed concert t-shirts for the band A Flock of Seagulls on their 2013 tour. Read more…

AFOS t-shirts

Four color spot screen print

Four color designs are slightly tricky, because each color has its own screen that needs to be registered individually. Not only can we handle these jobs for you, we can help you get your artwork set up.

vegan zombie

Gradiated color screen print on canvas tote

Not all screen prints have to be flat color. If your logo has shading or gradients, we can print it! This one-color logo is a great example. There were a few areas that had a shiny, faded look and we reproduced it for an event they sponsored. These giveaway totes were a huge hit.

Indio tote

Inkjet Heat Transfer

Of all the items we print, 90% are screen printed. Sometimes we have to get creative and find a different solution for our customer. In this example, they already had a multicolor design ready to go for an internal company event. When we priced it out as a screen print job, it went way over the budget they had been given for the event. Also, for the short run of tank tops they needed, it wasn’t the most economical solution. They also had several different team names, so heat transfer was really their best option.

We decided to go with a vinyl inkjet heat transfer. This is similar to those transfers you see at craft stores, but sturdier, with brighter colors. Inkjet transfers have a different feel on a tee, but the vinyl ones we use bend and fold with the material nicely.

inkjet heat transfer

Learn more about our screen printing right here. 

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