You will never measure up!

Confused Tofu ©2014 Sparky FirepantsWe get peppered with guiding, inspirational messages from around the internet every day. At the very least they cause us to pause and reflect. Or, we switch gears in a hurry to make up for our imagined inequities. The hidden messages in memes and quotes are plentiful:

Are you working hard enough?

Feel guilty. Begin frantically working harder, whatever that means.

Are you working too hard?

Feel guilty. Take more time off, smell the roses, buy a kitten.

Are you eating too much junk?

Feel guilty. Buy some baby carrots, consume the whole bag.

Are you worrying to much about your weight?

Feel guilty. Buy some salt and vinegar chips, consume the whole bag.

Are you spending enough time with your kids?

Feel guilty. Force yourself on them nonstop until bedtime.

Do you coddle your kids?

Feel guilty. Ignore them until bedtime.

The pendulum swings, it never stops. You’ll never be enough. You’ll never measure up to the memes. Everyone on Facebook is doing it better than you.

What if it was you who decided how much is enough, too much, or the right thing to do? After all, it’s your life.

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